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Simple Methods to Get Rid of Raccoons Safely From Your Yard


Raccoons are tiny creatures who are intelligent and crafty thieves. They always find a way to get into the trash and destroy anything or steal anything they get their paws on. The yard is the last place you want a
gaze of raccoons to live as they can quickly get through the backyard and get in the house. According to experts at Asap Wildlife removal, one of the leading sanford raccoon removal service company, just like any other creature, raccoons invade your yard or home because they are in need of something. They will rummage through the garbage cans in search of any leftovers. Also, they may be looking for water in the yard. Raccoons are omnivorous, and they will eat anything they can get their dextrous little paws on.

They are pests and also have a way you can use to eradicate them from the yard. The following are some of the ideas to get rid of raccoons from the yard;

Remove the Garbage

Raccoons will not stick around if they have nothing to feed. Walk around your yard and pick up any trash that is removing any food items or paper you can find. Berry bushes are raccoon attractants; therefore, see and discard them. Always ensure your garbage can is clean and the yard is spotless.

Secure the Garbage Can

It is one of the ways to get rid of raccoons from the yard especially if you do not spend much of your time at home. In securing the garbage can, do not purchase the boxes with loosely fitting lids. It is because raccoons are persistent and intelligent and they will be determined to find a way to get in the trash. Consider purchasing a metal garbage can that has a tight-fitting lid.

raccoon trapped

Use Ammonia

Raccoons also cannot bear the smell of ammonia. If you have tennis balls, take them and dip them in the ammonia solution. They will soak up the ammonia very well. Take them and place them at the entry points or where you suspect them to live. You can also consider putting a small dish of ammonia near the garbage can.

Use of Traps

It is one full proof ways to get rid of raccoons from the yard. Baiting them with the help of a trap will always work. They like tuna fish and marshmallows; therefore, place it as a bait in the trap. Before setting up the trap, ensure you contact the relevant authorities in your area as raccoons are known to carry several diseases.

Cover the Water Sources

Water bodies serve as an excellent home for raccoons. If you have a swimming pool in the yard, take care of it by covering it at night. You can also put up a wired mesh around the pond to avoid them from entering there.

Close All Entry Points

Go around your yard and seal all the access points. You can use wooden planks, quality nets or wire cloth. If you have a lot of newspapers that you do not apply, you can take them and put multiple layers of them in a compressed format at all the access points.

Use Garlic

Garlic acts as a repellent to the raccoons. Take it and crush it together with chili powder. Spread it along the entry points and around the fence of your yard. They will get irritated by the smell and instantly leave your yard.