Two New Council RFQs
Technical Consultant Request For Qualifications: The Council is seeking consulting services for programs within the CUWCC as well as services for member water agencies needing conservation program assistance. If you have submitted qualifications during 2001, 2002 or 2003 and have been approved by the Council in the past, you may use the same submission. Responses due no later than: 4:30 p.m. Monday, December 1, 2003.
– Download RFQ (PDF File).

Research Consultant Request For Qualifications: The Council is also seeking consultants to conduct research on methods to estimate avoided water and wastewater utility operation and capital costs associated with implementation of water conservation Best Management Practices and/or to conduct research on methods to quantify environmental benefits and costs associated with implementation of water conservation Best Management Practices. Responses due no later than: 4:30 p.m. Monday, December 1, 2003.
– Download RFQ (PDF File)
– Download Addendum to RFQ
– Pre-submittal Conference Call, Monday, November 24th

International Water Demand Management Conference
Amman, Jordan
May 30 – June 3, 2004

This conference will provide a forum for practitioners and experts in water issues to share concepts, research, technologies, and experiences in the efficient use of water. You can learn how new conservation technologies can reduce costs, as well as save your region water. State-of-the-art conservation technologies will be showcased at the exhibition.

The conference will cover three main tracks: I. Demand Management Planning & Evaluation, II. Demand Management Measures & Strategies III. Management of Reuse Programs.

You are invited to present papers related to the three main tracks of the conference. Abstracts are to describe new knowledge, technologies, case studies and approaches that can help shape the future of water resources management. Submit an abstract online at

Important Deadlines:
December 15th, 2003 – Final date for submission of abstracts
February 30th, 2004 – Notification of acceptance of papers
March 30th, 2004 – Absolute final date for submission of ready to print papers

DWR Issues Guidebook for Senate Bills 610/221
The Department of Water Resources (DWR) has just issued the new “Guidebook for Senate Bill 610 and Senate Bill 221 of 2001 to assist water suppliers, cities, and counties in integrating water and land use planning.” SB 610 and SB 221 require that approvals of large new developments be linked to assurances that there is an adequate water supply. This manual provides step-by-step suggestions for developing detailed information about water supplies and completing the SB 610 water supply assessment and the SB 221 verification of sufficient water supply.

The Guidebook, as well as a list of frequently asked questions with responses, is available to download on the DWR Office of Water Use Efficiency web site at: Hard copies of the Guidebook will be mailed to water suppliers, cities, and counties. For additional copies, please contact Dave Todd at (916) 651-7027 or

SFPUC Water Conservation Job Announcement
The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has an opening for a Water Conservation Administrator. Essential functions of this position include the development and administration of water conservation and other water use efficiency programs and the administration of BMPs and PBMPs applicable to water conservation; expertise in the technical aspects of water use and conservation, and in the development and management of water conservation programs. For full details please see the job description and applications below. Final filing date: November 17, 2003.
– Job Description
– Employment Application
– Supplemental Application

Council Steering Committee to Hold Joint Meeting With The Agricultural Water Management Council
This historic first joint meeting between the Ag and the Urban Councils will be held on November 5th during the CUWCC Steering Committee’s quarterly meeting. This meeting offers the two Councils the opportunity to learn about each other and gain insight into the similarities and differences between urban and agricultural water management and conservation planning. Discussion of possible joint project opportunities is planned. For further information on AWMC, please visit: Full meeting details can be found on the Calendar page:

YOUR COMMENTS ARE NEEDED! – CEC Hearings on Residential Clothes Washer Regulations
The California Energy Commission has proposed new standards for residential high-efficiency clothes washers. The proposed standards are a maximum water factor (WF) of 8.5 for units manufactured on or after January 1, 2007, and a maximum WF of 6.0 for units manufactured on or after January 1, 2010. This would make California the first state to adopt a water factor standard for clothes washers! Setting a standard this low will further encourage the availability of washers at this water factor in the marketplace. It would also automatically achieve the necessary water savings without a significant financial commitment on the part of California’s water agencies, which have been providing over 200,000 rebates to date.

A workshop will be held on October 15 at the Energy Commission offices to discuss the proposed standard. Note: the official hearing for adopting the regulations, originally set for Wednesday, November 5, has been postponed. We will post the new date once it has been announced. For full details, please see the Notice of Proposed Action.

Dates: October 15 & (to be announced)
Time: 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Location: CEC, Hearing Room A, 1516 9th Street, Sacramento

Attending both meetings is highly recommended! If you are unable to attend, please plan to submit comments. IN ORDER TO BE CONSIDERED, WRITTEN COMMENTS MUST BE RECEIVED AT THE COMMISSION NO LATER THAN 3:00 P.M. ON TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 2003. A sample letter is posted below for your use if you wish. Please cc: Mary Ann Dickinson at the Council at with any letters that you send.

Water Efficiency for Cooling Towers Workshops
The Council’s Commercial Industrial Institutional (CII) Subcommittee is sponsoring two “Water Efficiency for Cooling Towers” workshops in October. These workshops are specifically designed for Conservation Coordinators and Water Efficiency Professionals who need to understand how cooling towers use—and often waste—a large portion of CII water.

Dates: October 16 (Los Angeles) & October 28 (San Jose)
Cost: CUWCC Members – $35; Non-members – $50
Reservation Required: Space is limited to only 30 attendees per workshop!

Please contact Jeffrey at or (916)552-5885 with any questions and to register.
– View Workshop Flyer

EPA Announces National Water-Efficient Appliance Promotion
The Environmental Protection Agency is planning a national program to promote water-efficient products to consumers. Under consideration is a water appliance labeling program, in part due to foundation work done by the Council and the support shown by the signers of the federal labeling letter posted under the heading “Water-Efficient Labeling Program” below. To view the EPA news release, the agenda for the October 9th stakeholder meeting, and registration form, click HERE.

2003 Excellence Awards Nominations
Council Members – Do you know an extraordinary person whose contributions to the field of water conservation/efficiency should be noticed? We are now accepting your nominations for the 2003 CUWCC Excellence Awards. These awards honor the accomplishments of individuals in the field in two separate categories: The Mike Moynahan award recognizes statewide and institutionalized innovations; the Llana Sherman award acknowledges local/community innovations. Please fax or mail nomination forms to the CUWCC office by October 31, 2003. Awards will be given to recipients at the December Plenary meeting.
– Awards Brochure

City of San Diego Water Department�s Landscape Watering Calculator Wins National Award
On April 10, 2003, the City of San Diego Water Department was honored with a 2002 Solutions Award from Public Technology Inc. (PTI) for the Department�s web-based Landscape Watering Calculator. The Calculator is an easy-to-access tool designed to help citizens avoid over-watering their landscapes by determining appropriate watering durations and amounts. The Calculator was chosen as a winner in the Environment Category, Large Utility, and representatives of the Water Department were presented with the award at a special ceremony during PTI�s annual conference in Miami, FL.

Members of the City of San Diego Water Department who helped to develop and promote the Landscape Watering Calculator.

Left to right: Luis Generoso, Water Resources Manager; John Johnson and Nora Jaeschke, San Diego County Water Authority Board Members; Rich Namba and Kevin Farrer, Irrigation Specialists; Mark Broder, Management Analyst; and Fred Thompson, San Diego County Water Authority Board Member. Not pictured: Dan Carney, Landscape Architect.

Access to the Calculator is free of charge and is available on the City�s website at Since it�s creation, more than 34,680 City and County residents have accessed the Calculator. Of those, 9,520 have created watering schedules saving an estimated 571,680 gallons of water per day. Since September 2002, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California has carried the Calculator on their website, making this tool available throughout Southern California. Other agencies and organizations from Arizona, Florida, Missouri, Washington, and California have also requested the Calculator�s programming codes.

New Resource for Council Members: T-5 Flushmeter Now Available to Borrow!
The T-5 Flushmeter provides a quick and easy method to measure flush volumes with 95% accuracy. With this tool, you can easily, cleanly and accurately determine the flush volume of a toilet without connecting a meter at the angle stop and flex line of the water supply. Interested? The Council now has a T-5 Flushmeter available for you to borrow and try yourself! This resource is only available to Council members. For more information, log into the Member Area and click on “T-5 Flushmeter” in the Technical Resources section.

RFP: City of Santa Monica
The City of Santa Monica is looking for a consultant to master plan a new, one-acre, water conservation demonstration garden. Community involvement in the process is a priority. The perfect candidate will have strong experience in public outreach as well as landscape planning. This is not a landscape design job per se; that will come later, as determined by the Master Plan.

If you would like to receive a copy of the RFP, please contact:

Bob Galbreath
Landscape Water Resources Mgmt
City of Santa Monica

Water-Efficient Labeling Program
Join a growing group of water agencies and environmental groups urging EPA to adopt a “Water Star” labeling program for higher-efficiency appliances and plumbing products, similar to the program which already exists for Energy Star. Click here for more information and for the official endorsement form.

New ET Controller Web Pages
Irrigation controllers are now being developed that water plants based on their evapotranspiration (ET) rate (measure of the amount of water required to maximize plant growth). To help educate you on this important new technology, we’ve posted presentations from the Council’s ET and Weather-Based Irrigation Controller Workshops, case studies on water agency irrigation controller pilot programs, and the latest research and savings studies conducted on this topic. Click HERE to learn more!

2003 Approved Consultant List Now Available
Every year, a Council committee reviews the qualifications of and approves for use on projects a select group of consultants. The most recent list of approved consultants is now available for you to download in our Technical Resources area. Also available is a separate roster which classifies these consultants both by their area of expertise and by their expertise for specific BMPs. Statements of Qualifications for these consultants are on file in the Council office. To request an SOQ call (916)552-5885 or e-mail us at

New High Efficiency Commercial Clothes Washer Rebate Program
The LightWash Program [] is working with California water agencies and utilities to offer combined energy and water conservation rebates of up to $450 per unit on a wide selection of high efficiency commercial clothes washers. LightWash offers rebates to multi-family and institutional common area laundry facilities, businesses with on-premise laundry, and coin laundry stores in 2003. The LightWash program is operated on a turnkey basis for participating water utilities and requires virtually no staff time. The only required contribution by participating water utilities is the rebate co-payment. Program participation is available to water utilities whose customers are also customers of PG&E;, SoCal Gas or SDG&E.;

Please consider joining the numerous large and small water utilities already bringing LightWash program benefits to their customers. LightWash is implemented by Energy Solutions, a resource efficiency firm based on Oakland, CA, with funding from California energy utility ratepayers under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission. Water agencies and utilities interested in learning more about the program should contact Ted Pope at 510-482-4420 ext 221 or

Spanish Version of the “Practical Plumbing Handbook” Now Available!

The Council recently translated its popular publication, the “Practical Plumbing Handbook.” You can now offer the invaluable information found in this booklet to your Spanish-speaking customers! The Manual de Plomeria Practica explains how you can save water and money by implementing preventive maintenance measures in your home.

This booklet is available for purchase in the Publications section.

***LOOK! Members receive an additional discount when you place an on-line order from the Member Area.

Santa Clara Valley Water District Receives
ACWA Award
One of the Santa Clara Valley Water District�s most successful water conservation programs has received its first honor after helping save more than 70 million gallons of water since its inception four years ago.

The Association of California Water Agencies recognized the Water-Wise House Calls program on Nov. 21 with the Theodore Roosevelt Environmental Award for Excellence in Natural Resources Management. Presented during ACWA�s annual conference in Anaheim, the award honors agency commitment to wise use of natural resources in a manner consistent with the long-term goals of water management.

The program, one of the most comprehensive in the state, offers residents many opportunities to conserve water inside and outside the home as surveyors provide one-on-one consultations while auditing meter readings, checking toilets and faucets for leaks and replacing showerheads when needed. It is also an effective marketing and education tool for other water efficiency programs offered by the district, such as the Ultra-Low Flush Toilet (ULFT) Retrofit Program and the High-Efficiency Clothes Washer Rebate Program.

CUWCC Receives Flex Your Power Conservation Award

The Council was among 18 organizations recently recognized for their outstanding leadership in energy conservation and efficiency. Award recipients were chosen by a cabinet-level panel from State and Consumer Services Agency, Resources Agency, Cal-EPA, and the California Energy Commission. At the awards ceremony held on August 20th, Secretary Aileen Adams stated “These organizations serve as a model for everyone across the state to show that conservation and efficiency protect our natural resources and save money.” To view the Governor’s press release, please click HERE.

Council Convener Bill Miller, center, receives the Flex Your Power Award from Cabinet Secretaries Aileen Adams and Lon Hatamiya.

Help Promote the Flex Your Power Campaign

California is facing a critical energy challenge and we need your help to divert this crisis. There are several ways you can participate in the Flex Your Power Energy Conservation Campaign:
1. Go to and fill out the “General Public Save Energy Pledge”.
2. Collect pledge commitments on a petition and fax it or mail it back to us
– English Version
– Spanish Version
3. Send a message via e-mail or add it to your website
4. Include a pledge in your Newsletter
5. Add the logo to your website message