What You Need To Know About CCTV Drainage Inspection

Any blockage of the drainage system can lead to various health issues. It can also interfere with the smooth running and operations of your home. Blocking of the drain system can result from various issues, most of which are only revealed when the problem arises.

Conducting an annual inspection or a survey is helpful in preventing time-wastage and costly blockages. Having an effective CCTV drain inspection has been proven as one of the cost-effective ways of surveying sewers and drains. These services are available for both the commercial and domestic clients. There are many companies that have been established to offer CCTV Drain Inspection services.

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Numerous advantages are associated with this method. It has become of the most invaluable tools for conducting drain inspections. This is attributed to its accuracy and versatility. The plumbing business and modern technology have greatly advanced over the last few years. This is technology has replaced the traditional methods that involved costly excavations. These methods have also reduced the amount of time that was spent identifying and locating problems. The CCTV drain inspection system is a reliable and cost-efficient remedy. Apart from being cost-effective, this method is helpful in minimizing destruction of property.

How does a CCTV drainage survey operate?

With this method, a camera is lowered into the plumbing or piping system. This device is capable of looking into those networks that cannot be seen from the surface. This has greatly eliminated the need for excavation. The captured images are delivered immediately to a different location where a plumber can access them.

Services offered by CCTV drain survey or inspection companies

Most of these firms have a team of experienced plumbers and engineers who know how to operate the remotely –controlled drain systems. They are specialized in inspecting, unblocking and diagnosing problems affecting sewers and drains. The inspection technology used by them is helpful in conducting regular CCTV plumbing inspections. They can easily find blockages, diagnose problems and locate any damage affecting your drainage system. In addition to that, they also offer long-term solutions. They also offer the following services;

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  • Industrial drain surveys
  • Kitchen/laundry/bathroom drain inspection
  • CCTV sewer inspection
  • Poll drain inspection
  • Stormwater drain surveys


Where is drain inspection conducted?

  • In residential homes: Regular checks are done on the drainage systems to identify the problematic areas. This is helpful in eradicating any potential disasters.
  • When selling and buying properties: Professional drain inspections are conducted on properties to ascertain the condition of the drainage system. This is the best way of saving money on unplanned projects.


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